Thursday, January 24, 2013

How do you live after spending all your money on a holiday?

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Where did the Maasai come from?

People rarely ask the question but its' answer tells a lot about this unique African tribe. The Maasai's ancestors originated in North Africa, migrating south along the Nile Valley and arriving in Northern Kenya in the middle of the 15th century. They continued southward, conquering all of the tribes in their path, extending through the Rift Valley and arriving in Tanzania at the end of 19th century. As they migrated, they attacked their neighbors and raided cattle. By the end of their journey, the Maasai had taken over almost all of the land in the Rift Valley as well as the adjacent land from Mount Marsabit to Dodoma, where they settled to graze their cattle.

Tragedy struck the Maasai tribe at the turn of the century. An epidemic of deadly diseases attacked and killed large numbers of the Maasai's animals. This was quickly followed by severe drought that lasted years. Over half of the Maasais and their animals perished during this period. Soon after, more than two thirds of the Maasai's land in Kenya was taken away by the British and the Kenyan government to create both ranches for settlers and Kenya and Tanzania's wildlife reserves and national parks.

What's hot about the MaasaI?

What make the Maasai tribe so attractive to tourists who visit Africa?

Is it their long preserved culture? The truth is that despite education, civilization and western cultural influences, the Maasai people have clung to their traditional way of life, making them a symbol of Kenyan culture.

Maasai's distinctive culture, dress style and strategic territory along the game parks of Kenya and Tanzania have made them one of East Africa's most internationally famous tourist attractions. Maasai men

The Maasai people reside in both Kenya and Tanzania, living along the border of the two countries. They are a smaller tribe, accounting for only about 0.7 percent of Kenya's population, with a similar number living in Tanzania. Maasais speak Maa, a Nilotic ethnic language from their origin in the Nile region of North Africa.

The Samburu tribe is the closest to the Maasai in both language and cultural authenticity.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

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Friday, June 29, 2007

Big ticket shopping made easy online

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You will never catch a fat Masai

The fact that you will never catch a Masai in the village overweight, speaks volumes about their diet and how healthy it is. The Masai have traditionally been nomads and herders and therefore their diet revolves around their huge herds of cattle and wild game once in a while. The fascinating thin is that even diseases like cancer are unheard of amongst the Masai.

Overweight Masai?

Have you ever seen a Masai man or woman who is overweight? The truth is that there have been one or two cases, but it has always been Masais who have adopted Western culture and diet. No single Masai who has stuck to the village and their way of life has been caught overweight.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Get familiar with a baby retailer

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Sophisticated western ladies hook up with Masai

So how do those sophisticated western ladies hook up with Masai warriors? How do they get so close to these fierce African warriors who are not familiar with toothpaste or regular brushing of teeth and although they have their own version made from narrow stems of plants, they use no mouth fresheners. Not to mention that they rarely have a bath or shower.

Romantic Masai?

Just how romantic is it to get close and romantic with a Masai warrior? The warriors are always bound to be stinking of sweat. They hardly bathe and neither do they brush their teeth or use mouth fresheners. Yet we have read amazing stories of amazing romances that Masai men have had with sophisticated women from the West.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Faculty member publishes

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Appreciative Coaching which has four stages – Discovery, Dream, Design and Destiny – can inspire anybody to an appreciative and empowering view of themselves and their future. This is really a new application of appreciative inquiry.

Sara Orem, faculty member at the well-known online learning institution Capella University's School of Business and Technology is one of the authors of the book is titled 'Appreciative Coaching: A Positive Process for Change.' Co-authors of this ground-breaking book are Jacqueline Binkert, PhD, and Ann Clancy, PhD.

The book is written for individual coaches of managers, executives, and those who do one-on-one work with people who can influence and create change in their organizations.

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Masai tourism but at what price?

The big danger with the Masai and tourism in Africa is that this attraction in recent times has been turned into sex tourism, which is not a good thing. The foreign currency coming in from tourism is badly needed by these African countries but at what price will the countries maintain their tourist traffic?

Masai are second to none

The Masai tribe is second to none in Africa in terms of retaining their culture and being a major tourist attraction for both the Kenyan and Tanzanian economy, the two countries in which the tribe lives in East Africa. The Masai’s rich history which includes nasty encounters with explorers is also fascinating.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Silver prices will continue to head north

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Here's one of the reasons why experts believe that the silver price will continue to climb steadily for a long time.

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A frenzy of a Masai dance

Even describing the Masai dance is no easy task. The men gather together with the women singing in their high pitched soprano voices as the men reply in their deep voices. They then start to jump higher and higher into the air with their hands on their sides firmly holding their spears. Soon the music is punctuated by their piercing war cry screams as they go into some sort of frenzy.

The unbelievable Masai dance

There are few things that are more fascinating for any visitor to Africa than the Masai dance. You just have to see it to understand what I am saying here. Many tourists and visitors to Kenya and Tanzania have seen it and are very impressed by it. It is something that is an unforgettable experience.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Ford Mustang radiator

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No Masai less than 6ft tall?

It is fascinating how difficult it is to get to see a Masai who is less than 6 feet tall. If truth be told short-in-stature Masai warriors do not exist. You will find that virtually all of them are tall. This is one of the ways to quickly tell a genuine Masai from the many imposters that fock to beeches in Africa pretending to hail from this famous Africa tribe.

Masai soldiers

Many people think of the Masai as a primitive tribe but the truth is that in many ways they are extremely advanced. For centuries so called advanced Western civilizations have preferred tall persons for duty as soldiers to defend their country. The Masai too prefer tall warriors to fight their many battles.

Mailing experts

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The Masai and the "evil trade"

Even the legendary explorer Dr David Livingstone had many challenges and close shaves in dealing with the Masai. Strangely enough it seems that the Masai had a way of analyzing and gauging those wishing to pass through their vast territory. Clearly they were able to tell the difference between people genuinely out to help like Dr Livingstone and those who promoted slave trade and were out to ultimately harm and capture Africa tribesmen for the evil trade.

Masais murederd explorers

Many explorers in the 18th century who tried to penetrate the interior of East Africa ended up losing their lives to Masai warriors. That is how serious the Masai were in guarding and protecting their territory. This is in sharp contrast to other tribes that were easy to bribe and pass through.